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Buy generic viagra super force online - Cheapest canadian pharmacy for viagra

This is the last, part Nine of My Blue Ridge Mountain Home Eviction series. Be sure you read parts buy Lyrica online australia, can you buy Lyrica at walmart, cheap beer lyrics, buy me a boat lyrics, buy Lyrica canada, cheap Lyrica canada  where to buy Lyrica cream and cheap date lyrics

Buy generic viagra super force online - Cheapest canadian pharmacy for viagra

buy you a drank lyricsThe Blue Ridge Mountains got themselves into the blood of five generations of my ancestors.Ola_Florence_Ruth_Jessee_and_other_Mericas_and_Comers_Shenandoah..CU.r

Those once-giant peaks, which formed when Africa and North America collided more than a billion years ago, and then rivaled the Himalayas in majesty, also helped to form my Blue Ridge ancestors, and me.

The granite and gneiss stone that lay beneath the mountains’ thin soil hardened our ancestors’ backbones.

The thin layer of gray loam and tenacious red clay made farming difficult, but built our ancestors’ perseverance.

We are who we are today in great part because of who the mountains made them.

Those mystically blue mountains shaped two sets of my fifth great grandparents way back Ruth Merica (rt) & Phyllis Grimsley c1940noborderin the 1700s: Francis Meadows and his wife, Mary; and Martin Crawford and his wife, Elizabeth McDonald.

And seven sets of my fourth great grandparents: John Phillip Dietz and Catherina Heck, Martin Alfred Collier and Mary Williams, John McDaniel and Elizabeth Crawford, Bird Snow and Polly Mayhugh, William Breeding and Susannah Tanner, William Lamb and Mary Gear, and James Meadows and Catherine Boswell.

They shaped seven sets of my third great grandparents: Johannes Markey and Elizabeth Dietz, Preston Collier and Elizabeth Haney, Ellis Turner and Susannah Smith, Levi Lucas and Elizabeth Utsler, Thomas Meadows and Elizabeth Breeden, John McDaniel and Martha Snow, and Zachariah McDaniel and Nancy Lamb.

And they molded four sets of my second great grandparents: Mitchell Meadows and Verinda McDaniels, George Merica and Catharine Wagoner, Smith Collier and Frances Ruth Merica and Parents, Shenandoah VA, c.1940.CU.rMcDaniel, and David Turner and Catherine Lucas.

As well as my great grandparents, William Durrett Collier and Mary Meadows, and Joseph W. Merica and Elizabeth Turner.

And my grandparents, Thomas Austin Merica and Florence Elizabeth Collier.

They all lived and died within a few miles of each other up in the Blue Ridge.

They worked the soil, raised their families, danced, praised God, leaped in joy, crumbled in sorrow, stood for what they believed and ignored the rest for upwards of 300 years.Ruth Berryman and Teddy 1943 Shenandoah.r

They shed their blood, sweat, and tears in those mountains.

It’s where they lay their bodies down to rest each night, and at life’s end.

And finally, 80 years ago, they walked down those mountains, into the valleys below, and never went back.

Their time passed. That gate locked against them forever.

Pick up a handful of soil within Shenandoah National Park today and hold it. You can practically feel their hearts beat.

You can smell their blood and sweat, taste the saltiness of their tears. That earthiness, that is them. And us.

Mary M. Meadows and William Durret Collier wedding photo

William Durrett Collier and Mary Margaret Magdalene Meadows, my great grandparents, married April 27, 1884, Page County



Thomas Austin Merica and Florence Elizabeth Collier, my grandparents, married July 22, 1906, Page County, Virginia



My parents, Ruth Virginia Merica and Theodore Newton Berryman, married May 29, 1940, Washington, D.C.

And we continue, happily, and grateful for our Blue Ridge Mountain ancestors.

The end.

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7 Responses to My Blue Ridge Family Tree (Album)

  1. Sandra Lee Sparks Davis says:

    My Mother was Lottie Lee Merica Sparks. Her Mother was Ila Ann Mariah Meadows Merica Cardin. Both were born in Page County, Naked Creek.

  2. Fran Glanville-Powell says:

    My grandmother, Emma Frances, was your grandmother’s sister. Our family used to visit Aunt Florence and Uncle Tom on their farm and I remember her letting my brother and I go up in the barn loft to gather eggs, She was a lovely lady. I enjoyed your research.

    • cynthiaberryman says:

      Thank you, Fran. Sorry I didn’t see your comment earlier. I’ve been on a hiatus from writing. But comments like yours connecting me to my past give me incentive to write another story!

  3. This was like reading the Walton’s — only the names have changed. Who didn’t like watching the Walton’s on TV? Love the photos and will bookmark this to go back and read every single word. Love your research.

  4. Patricia Farley says:

    You and I are related. I am a direct descendant of John McDaniel and Elizabeth Crawford parents of Juda/Judith McDaniel who married a Cornett! Comes down a few more generations to me Patricia Ann Cornett Farley!

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