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I’m Thinking About the Children

buy Proscalpin with no prescription Searching for your ancestors teaches you a lot. When you start to see past the organizational structures of genealogy, past the dates and towns and who begat whoms, you find small truths that touch your heart, or hidden stories that … Continue reading

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My Mother’s Special Drawer

get link My mother had her own drawer as a child. With a family of 12 in a four-bedroom farmhouse that’s all she could get, one drawer. But she didn’t feel deprived, she felt special. The way she put it was, “My … Continue reading

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John Fitch, Chapter 2: Victory…or Die?"http:////" When we last saw my distant ancestor John Fitch he had just buried his gold and silver on Charles Garrison’s farm in the dead of night. To catch you up, it was December, 1776, and General Washington’s army was staggering … Continue reading

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John Fitch, Chapter 1: Soon to be a Major Motion Picture!

John Fitch and I are second cousins eight times removed. That means my ninth great grandfather was his second great-grandfather, and my eighth great grandfather was his great-granduncle. It’s nothing I’d get too excited over. Except that I wouldn’t know … Continue reading

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