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We are nearly all the descendants of immigrants, those hearty people who risked everything to start again in a new land. Their bravery and fortitude made our country what it is today, made each of us what we are today. … buy Lyrica online australia

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This is the first of a several-part series on my grandfather, Thomas Austin Merica. Thomas Austin Merica was born on May 28, 1884 in Greene County, Virginia. Or at least that’s the family legend. He was from sturdy German stock, … buy Lyrica in australia

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I did not set out to write a multi-part series on the Blue Ridge Mountain evictions, but as the original post became longer and longer, I decided to split it into parts, all of which I will post in upcoming … order Lyrica online

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While writing a series about the evictions of Blue Ridge Mountains residents to make way for the Shenandoah National Park, which you can see here, I came across a unique book, Burnaby’s Travels Through North America, which relates the Reverend … buy Lyrica generic

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Yesterday I wrote about the five Boyd children who were brutally captured by Iroquois warriors in 1756. If that sounds terrifying, it probably was. At least it started out that way. The Boyd children were taken by force, their mother … buy Pregabalin online australia

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On my father’s side I come from a long line of Boyds. So far so good. But things happen to Boyds that make me want to look over my shoulder now and then just for having Boyd blood. Of course, … buy cheap Pregabalin online

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First names, like eye color, tend to run in families. In my (ex) brother-in-law’s family, every first son is James, every second son is John. It has been like that for generations. He broke the tradition by a hair, naming … buy viagra online canadian pharmacy

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