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One Response to Ancestors

  1. Joyce A. Legg says:

    I am currently volunteering for the Blue Ridge Heritage Project of Page County on their research committee. I grew up in Ida and became quite close to the Taylor Family whose
    great grandfather, Sylvannus Taylor, owned 622 acres in Jollett Hollow and I wonder if you could help me with some info.
    Please go to buy Lyrica canada and you will see that we are trying to erect chimneys in the 8 counties affected when the SNP was created. I am only interested in Page County. If you cannot help me with the research, perhaps you and your family would like to donate to our project. Please contact me if you think we can help each other. These chimneys will be in honor of the people who were moved from their homes on the Park by the eminent domain laws of the State of Va. I would love to hear from you and perhaps other families who don’t know about this project could go to the BRHP website and look around. Thanks, Joyce Legg, Luray VA

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